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Libertarian Alliance Statement on the London Bombings


Islamic bombers have finally hit London. Why has this happened and what can be done to stop it? 

Bombings by Islamic terrorists against the West have occurred only in countries, or against human targets, where their governments have attacked and intervened in Muslim states or lands with a majority Muslim population. September the 11th occurred after many years of US-state interventions and bombings around the world (including the military action against Iraq in 1991), and vast financial and military support for Israel, including its actions against predominantly Muslim Palestinians and other Muslim countries. 

In retaliation for the deaths of September 11th, even more innocent civilians in Afghanistan were bombed to death by the Bush-Blair axis, and the country was then occupied while civilian deaths continue to this day. If they had wanted to catch Osama bin Laden without being cowardly mass murderers, then they should instead have landed troops directly and immediately on the mountains where he was suspected of hiding. 

By the best available estimate, during the 2003 invasion of Iraq around 100,000 innocent civilians died, many murdered directly by the Bush-Blair axis bombings, and the country was then occupied while civilian deaths continue to this day.[1] If they had wanted to deal with Saddam Hussein without being cowardly mass murderers, then they should, again, have targeted him directly or put a price on his head. 

The result of Bush-Blair bombing in Baghdad

The Bush-Blair axis is the leading world terrorist organisation against foreign Muslims. As even many ordinary people now see and state, finally echoing long-held government security services warnings, in this way Bush and Blair have inevitably made our countries targets for terrorist retaliation. 

There is never any excuse for bombing innocent people. The terrorists in London have sunk to the level of Bush and Blair. They might have done what Bush and Blair failed to do and directly targeted the guilty men: Bush and Blair themselves. Then they would not be terrorists, but vigilantes. 

The result of terrorist bombing in London

What should the UK-state do now? Two things: withdraw all troops from around the world; and put Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, and his fellow conspirators, on trial for war crimes. Withdrawing all troops is an immediate practical possibility. Unfortunately, Blair's trial is not yet likely. But withdrawing all troops would considerably diminish, if not entirely stop, the terrorism.


An official statement by the Right Honourable Tony Blair on the Mosque Attacks

"Recently, there have been a series of attacks on mosques in the UK. Some people have claimed that these attacks are in 'retaliation' for the London bombings by four young Muslim men. This is an absurd and irresponsible suggestion. For one thing there have been far worse attacks on mosques in the past and the London bombings had not even occurred then. For another, we have no statements from the people who actually attacked the mosques that indicate that it might be about the London bombings. The fact that some internet sites have claimed responsibility and said it was in retaliation cannot be taken seriously. In any case, some of the worst recent attacks on mosques were in areas other than London and so clearly cannot be a response to the London bombings. The people who have attacked mosques simply have an irrational hatred of Islam. We must not give in to them."

[1] Les Roberts, Riyadh Lafta, Richard Garfield, Jamal Khudhairi, and Gilbert Burnham, “Mortality before and after the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: Cluster Sample Survey”, The Lancet, vol. 364 (2004):1857-64.


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