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Human Action: A Treatise on Economics
Von Mises, Ludwig
"A Libertarian Classic "

You can buy this book secondhand from Abe Books including a number of booksellers.
Abe Books Human Action Price List

Does Education Matter?
Myths about education and economic growth,
by Alison Wolf. 'A withering critique of governmental and business attempts to support vocational education ... in the name of the nation's economic progress' - TES, 14th June 2002 Penguin Books, 2002, 332 pages.
List Price: £8.99 ISBN 0140286608 

 The Economics of Education: A book review by Stephen Berry:-  'That someone who works within the academic field of education should question the economic value of education speaks for a certain courage. That AlisonWolf should have done this in a book which is well argued and entertainingly written is better still. This book is a wake-up call to education policy makers the world over.'

The Costs of War: America's Pyrrhic Victories Denson, John
Paperback 450 pages (November 1998) Publisher: Transaction Publishers; ISBN: 0765804875 

Central to this volume are the views of Ludwig von Mises on war and foreign policy. Mises argues that war, along with colonialism and imperialism, is the greatest enemy of freedom and prosperity, and that peace cannot be achieved until major nations become limited in scope and power.

Baghdad or Bust! by Stephen Berry 'Such a war will bring you no glory. It will bring you no profit but mischief, and it will be wrong. You will make thousands of women widows and thousands of children fatherless. It will be wrong. You may add a new province to your empire. It will still be wrong…'

Great Britons - John Cooper
Paperback 171 pages (21 October, 2002) Publisher: National Portrait Gallery; ISBN: 1855145073. 

The Great Britons Series. Old Hickory

From Marx to Mises - David Ramsay Steele, Paperback 380 pages (December 1992) Publisher: Open Court Publishing Company; ISBN: 0812690168 

Posing the Problem: The Impossibility of Economic Calculation under Socialism by David Ramsay Steele

Business the Bill Gates Way: 10 Secrets of the World's Richest Business Leader (Big Shots) - Des Dearlove Paperback 192 pages (26 February, 2002) Publisher: Capstone Publishing Limited; ISBN: 1841121487

Hanging, Drawing and Quartering – American Style:The Brutal Dissection of Microsoft By: Kevin McFarlane

Say's Law and the Keynesian Revolution: How Macroeconomic Theory Lost Its Way - Steven Kates 

Say's Law Revived  Bob Layson

 Better Off Out? Brian Hindley, Martin Howe Paperback 129 pages (14 September, 2001) Publisher: Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA); ISBN: 0255365020 

The Reluctant European by Stephen Berry

The Changing Fortunes of Economic Liberalism David Henderson Paperback Paperback 96 pages (24 August, 2001) Publisher: Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA); ISBN: 0255365209 

Thatcherism is Dead. Long Live Thatcherism! - Stephen Berry

An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard Justin Raimondo Hardcover 360 pages (1 July, 2000) Publisher: Prometheus Books; ISBN: 1573928097 

 The Anatomy of the State
By Murray N. Rothbard

Ending the War on Drugs - Dirk Eldridge Paperback 208 pages (1 September, 2000) Publisher: Bridge Works Publishing Company; ISBN: 1882593383 

The Pure Joy of Heroin
By: Dr Jan Lester

“Free to Choose” Milton and Rose Friedman - The Friedmans explore the relationship between economics and freedom.

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