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Omnipotent Government
Von Mises, Ludwig
"Written in 1944, this is a ferocious critique of the rise of the Total State and Total War. "


The Birth of Fascist Ideology: From Cultural Rebellion to Political Revolution - Zeev Sternhell, Mario Sznajder, Maia Asheri, David Maisel (Translator) ger photo Edition: Hardcover Hardcover 348 pages (15 August, 1995) Publisher: Princeton University Press; ISBN: 0691044864

Escape from Leviathan Liberty, Welfare and Anarchy Reconciled Author: Lester, J.C. Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Binding: Hardback Published: 21 June 2000 ISBN: 0333777565

“Winning the War on Drugs: To Legalise or Not?” Richard Stevenson(IEA)
A fresh analysis on the ‘war' that never ends.

Losing Ground. American Social Policy 1950-1980 Charles Murray - Argues that the ambitious social programmes started in the USA in the 1960s failed -- big time.  

“The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution” Ayn Rand - “ Reason and Morality are the only weapons that determine the course of history. The collectivists dropped them because they had no right to carry them. Pick them up: You have” Ayn Rand

See " Liberty in the USA " on the Free Life Subject index


“The Virtue of Selfishness” Ayn Rand - Rand sets forth the moral principles of objectivism.

See " Liberty in the USA " on the Free Life Subject index


Free Life Volume 1. No .1 Winter 1979
Free download - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available for free at and on many free CDs.

What we want is a Government so small that it doesn't matter where it is, what it does, who's in it, or how they got there.

The case for nuclear energy
David Ramsay Steele
Law shops Graham Smith
Deregulating the oldest profession Su Cunnington
No computer science without striptease  David Ramsay Steele
In praise of prejudice Bernard Adamczewski
National Front: Right or Left? Judy Englander
A Libertarian between the lines? Graham Smith

The complete collection in html and pdf format ... The Libertarian Alliance has decided to create a web archive containing issues of its magazine FREE LIFE which made its appearance in the late 1970s. Over the years, FREE LIFE contained a large number of articles on Libertarianism which were both entertaining and instructive.
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The Political Compass & Why Libertarianism is not Right Wing
by J C Lester:- 
   The political distinction between left and right remains ideologically muddled. This was not always so, but a return to the pristine usage is impractical. Putting a theory of social liberty to one side, this essay defends the interpretation of left-wing as personal-choice and right-wing as property-choice. This allows an axis that is north/choice (or state-free) and south/control (or state-ruled). This Political Compass clarifies matters without being tendentious or too complicated. It shows that what is called ‘libertarianism’ is north-wing. A quiz gives the reader’s Political Compass reading.

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LA-16.pdf Free download - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available for free at and on many free CDs.  


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