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The Skeptical Environmentalist - Bjorn Lomborg Paperback 540 pages (30 August, 2001) Publisher: Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521010683. The Skeptical Environmentalist challenges widely held beliefs that the environmental situation is getting worse and worse. The author, himself a former member of Greenpeace, is critical of the way in which many environmental organisations make selective and misleading use of the scientific evidence. 
Free Market Environmentalism - Revised Edition By Terry L. Anderson & Donald R. Leal St. Martin's Press, 2001

The Great Breakthrough And Its Cause - Julian L. Simon Edited by Timur Kuran University of Michigan Press, 2001 In previous books, the late Julian Simon defied population doomsters to demonstrate that the more people there are, the larger a market, and the greater the potential for prosperity. Here he takes this idea one intriguing step further: population increases were essential for the flourishing of civilization itself. USA

Hoodwinking the Nation - Julian L. Simon Hardcover 144 pages (February 2000) Publisher: Transaction Publishers; ISBN: 1560004347 An exploration of how and why false bad news is produced, stating that government reports are often the basis for environmental news scams and doomsday analyses. It examines the intellectual basis of concepts that lead to scares, and considers whether institutional structures could be changed. 

The Ultimate Resource 2 Julian L. Simon Paperback 780 pages (1 August, 1998) Publisher: Princeton University Press; ISBN: 0691003815 Arguing that the ultimate resource is the human spirit, Julian Simon has led a vigorous challenge to conventional beliefs about scarcity of energy and natural resources, pollution of the environment, the effects of immigration, and the "perils of overpopulation". This new volume is updated and provides theory for the observed trends: population growth and increased income put pressure on supplies of resources. 

It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the 20th Century Stephen Moore, Julian Lincoln Simon Paperback 294 pages (1 December, 2000) Publisher: Cato Institute; ISBN: 1882577973 

A Life Against the Grain: The Autobiography of an Unconventional Economist Julian L. Simon The autobiography of economist Julian L. Simon, who believed that human intellect and ingenuity are ever-renewable resources in the use and preservation of natural resources. It takes the reader through his childhood, his career, his research methods and the crucial periods in his life.

The State of Humanity Julian Simon Paperback 704 pages (1 January, 1996) Publisher: Blackwell Publishers; ISBN: 155786585X 

“Power Production. What are the Risks?” J.H. Fremlin - This book looks at the dangers to the public associated with every method of power production. Fremlin, formerly Professor of Applied Radioactivity at the University of Birmingham, puts forwards the case that to drop nuclear power would be a sad mistake for the UK.  

“The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear” Petr Beckmann - Puts forward the case that Nuclear Power is the safest form of energy production  



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